Mgr Training

- Partners and consults with Senior Management to identify performance gaps, analyze training needs and develop training programs in alignment with key business initiatives, while maintaining high business results. Manage inter-relationships with customer organizations, IR, HR, Bargaining Unit, and Staffing. 30%
- Develop and utilize a value-based model for identification and development of alternative delivery models to achieve return on investments and performance improvement results that will advance EED performance. 20%
- Provide leadership, direction, performance appraisals, coaching, counseling, and discipline, if appropriate, in the management and professional development of the Instructional Training staff. Sponsor the identification of self-development opportunities for personal growth and learning. 20%
- Prepare, approve, and manage departmental strategy, goals and budgets within assigned areas of responsibility. Utilize key financial & performance indicators to measure business performance. 10%
- Sponsor and provide for collaborative working relationships with counterparts in Exelon to leverage synergies and avoid duplication of effort.
- Manage and approve the purchase of learning resources, including programs, vendor services, Equipment and facilities 10%
- BS/BA Degree in Business, Education or Instructional Design, Communications, Organizational Development, Engineering or related field, or equivalent experience.
- Experience: Minimum of 8-10 years experience within the functional area and/or Training.
- Must have minimum of 5 years supervisory experience and completed supervisory assessment.
- Demonstrated abilities in the areas of focused actionable planning, leadership, team building, communication, change management, project and budgetary management.
- Proven experience with Instructional Design techniques, architecture, and curriculum.
- Proven experience in employee skills evaluation.
- Computer skills in MS Office and other Windows applications.
- Masters Degree in Education or Instructional System/Instructional Design


- The Training Manager may manage functions across to drive consistency of programs or in some cases may be resident in one Operating area but will be expected to work in tandem with other areas.
- The Training Manager utilizes communications, project management, performance management and development skills on a daily basis as he/she interfaces with their staff as well as various levels of the organization, from field employee to senior management to meet customer needs for training.
- The individual in this job must also interface collaboratively with all areas within the Exelon Corporation including, but not limited to: Operations, Customer Operations, Engineering, Nuclear, Legal, and Power Labs.
- The Training is seen as the Subject Matter Expert in the area of performance improvement through training and other related interventions.
- The Training Manager relies on a core staff that is augmented by a line cadre during peak training periods.
- Training Manager--- - Budget Range: $1. 2M- $2. 5 M
- FTE Range: 9-18
- Impact on the organization is measured by the skill and knowledge development of new hire and incumbent employee such that human performance is improved with optimal usage of resources.

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